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Welcome to the Ozymandyaz Tek blog!

Hello, my name is Mark.. And I am addicted to gadgets...

It's true, I have a serious obsession with techno gadgetry but not a ton of free cash to spend on them... So, like most of us, I'm a nerd on a budget. As a result, I often find myself in a position of either reusing old stuff or buying new stuff as cheaply as I can in a never ending cycle to build even cooler stuff. Often times this leads to some very interesting solutions to complex problems. Granted, most of these "problems" are simply me trying to figure out another way to play a high def movie on an old TV or getting baby pictures to my technophobic mother...

I do not think that I am unique in my obsessions, or the fact that I can't always afford the latest and greatest of everything... So.. In an attempt to do something "nice" for the world, I thought I might try and share some of my experiences on the web. I'm often asked "how did you do that..." (or just as often... "why...") So, rather than repeating my adventures over and over I think a Blog might be the best way to keep track of all this stuff.

So... Take a look around and see what I've got here... I hope it either helps you out or inspires you to do something even more interesting!

-Mark "Ozymandyaz"