Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crystalbuntu - Fixing the July update bug

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** EDIT ** Sam released a new version in August, it fixes the July issue so no need to worry about this any more! ** END EDIT **

Sam added a TON of new and great features in July to the Crystalbuntu image. BUT for those of us who want to remove the hard drive there is now one more step to stay running.

The July update added the following to the /etc/rc.local file:

hdparm -S 240 /dev/sda

This command will allow the hard drive to spin down when the device is not in use... But for us... Since there is no had disk to run hdparm against, the script exits and XBMC never loads. So, everything will work great until the apple TV phones home and gets the July update. As soon as it does that, the ATV will STOP WORKING during the boot process and you will just see a text error message =(

BUT, the fix is VERY easy!

You can either use SSH to connect to the Apple TV or you can once again boot to Knoppinx or some other Linux disto to edit the files in the EXT3 partition. I will describe the SSH method as it is faster.

You will need to know the IP address of your Apple TV and use a tool like Putty to connect to it. Using Putty, enter rthe IP address of the ATV and hit connect. The login and password at both "atv" with no quotes.

Once logged in type the following and hit enter:

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

The system will ask for the root password, type "atv" again.

In the nano editor use the arrow keys to find the line that reads:

hdparm -S 240 /dev/sda

chnage that line by adding an "&" at the end:

hdparm -S 240 /dev/sda&

Press ctrl-o to save the file and ctrl-x to exit nano.

Then type:

sudo reboot

All fixed!